When obstetrics-gynecology specialists need to call an ophthalmologist urgently: a case report

BACKGROUND We report here a case of a healthy 23-year-old female patient who was assessed at the gynecology emergency department for genital ulcers, fever, and blurred vision. After suspicion of herpes simplex virus-2 lesions, the diagnosis of Behçet's disease was made. We report this case with the aim of including Behçet's disease in the differential diagnosis of genital ulcers, and emphasize the emergency of the vision loss that can be irreversible.
CASE PRESENTATION A healthy 23-year-old European female patient was assessed by gynecology in the emergency department for genital lesions associated with fever and blurred vision. At first, these lesions were suspected to be primary herpes simplex virus-2 infection One day later, she experienced decreased visual acuity in both eyes. After 4 days of worsening genital ulcers and persistent blurred vision, the patient was referred to the ophthalmology department. Fundoscopic examination showed retinal hemorrhages that were consistent with the first presentation of Behçet's disease.
CONCLUSIONS This case demonstrates that genital ulcers can be the very initial symptom of this ophthalmologic emergency. The differential diagnosis of genital ulcers is challenging. Behçet's disease should be included, especially when associated with systemic or ocular manifestations, and should be considered an emergency for the gynecologist to prevent long-term vision loss.

as reported in: J Med Case Rep. 2021 Oct 21; 15(1): 517