A case report with review of literature of a rare variant of midfoot dislocations (mid-Chopart dislocation): Combined naviculo-cuneiform and calcaneo-cuboid dislocation

Closed midfoot and Chopart dislocations are uncommon injuries. Moreover, a combination of these dislocations is extremely rare. A 30-year-old male presented to our emergency department with mid-Chopart dislocation (combined naviculo-cuneiform and calcaneo-cuboid dislocation). Adequate open reduction with dual approach (dorsomedial and dorsolateral) and fixation with K-wires were achieved. Although the patient had satisfactory functional outcome postoperatively, he developed midfoot arthritis 12 months later. This type of dislocation is not yet classified, with only few cases reported in the literature. LEVEL OF CLINICAL EVIDENCE: 4.

as reported in: Foot (Edinb). 2021 Jun; 47 101806